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Lake Okeechobee has been one of the finest bass fishing
lakes in the United States for many years. Nothing has
changed for largemouth bass, it continues to produce big
tournament catches year after year. It usually takes to win a
tournament on Lake Okeechobee 20 lbs. or better to get in
the money. It's also a great lake for wild shiner fishing
producing numerous bass over 8 lbs. all year long. This South
Florida bass fishing factory is a great bass fishing
destination for all you largemouth bass fishing fanatics.
The Florida Everglades bass fishing is second to none in the
shear numbers of largemouth bass caught. Each year as the
water levels drop and warm up just about every South Florida
bass fisherman knows where to bass fish. Our canal system
has over 400 miles of pure bass fishing paradise. It's not
unusual to boat 100 to 200 bass per day on artificial lures!
With the wildlife and that kind of fishing where could you
enjoy a better largemouth bass fishing experience other than
Ft. Lauderdale & Miami areas of South Florida. Let us guide
you in the Florida Everglades during those cold winter blues!
There is no where other than Florida to catch butterfly
peacock bass except Hawaii and Brazil. South Florida was
stocked back in the 1980's and has thrived ever since with
these spectacular fish. Similar to smallmouth bass in their
characteristics what's not to like! We have a year round
fishery especially during our summer season when peacock
bass bite the best. The southeastern portion of South
Florida is the only place in Florida to catch peacock bass.
Miami and Ft. Lauderdale specifically are the best locations.
So when planning a South Florida peacock bass or largemouth
bass fishing vacation remember we have the Florida
Everglades, Lake Okeechobee, the beaches and the nightlife
& wildlife all wrapped into one destination.
With all the fishing that South Florida has to offer why not
book your next fishing vacation to the Ft. Lauderdale and
Miami areas of South Florida. We've been fishing in South
Florida for 25 years and I'm a USCG licensed captain with
full guide insurance for your protection. With this
experience and credentials you can be rest assured of a
great bass fishing experience. We use nothing but the
newest and the finest equipment from our sponsors. We are
not an outfitter like many other South Florida guide
services pawning you off on make shift guides. We are
owner operated with customer service our main priority and
goal. Our best business is our repeat business and that's
what I strive for at South Florida Bass Fishing Guide
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